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4/19/2012 1 Development Science I : CHARACTERISTICS OF AGROFORESTRY LANDSCAPE Prof. Dr. HADI SUSILO ARIFIN Graduate School of International Development and Cooperation Hiroshima University Japan Spring 2012 Material Source: AFLA Modul (Arifin HS, Wulandari C, Pramukanto and Kaswanto RL, 2008); Arifin HS, Wulandari C, Pramukanto and Kaswanto RL, 2010. Analisis Lanskap Agroforestri. IPB Press. Bogor. 199p QUIZ What is “agroforestry landscape”? What is watershed? AGROFORESTRY LANDSCAPE Agroforestry in landscape scale Ecological boundaries Bio- regional Watershed ~ Water catchment ~ Water drainage ~ Catchment Area DRAINAGE PATTERN AND SETTLEMENTS IN SOUTHERN PART OF RINJANI ECOSYSTEM ECPE, WWF LOMBOK) WATERSHED Is an area of internal drainage, the size an shape of which is determined by surface topography. Is completely encircled by a divide or a ridge line. Precipitation falling on one side of the divide drains toward the outlet or mouth of the watershed on that side of the divide. WATERSHED 0 10km N Cianjur City Mt. Gede Arus antara Peresapan Water Table 1.Interception 2. Run-off 3. Interflow 5. Percolation 4. Evapotranspiratration Land use in Cianjur-Cisokan Watershed (Harashina, Takeuchi, Arifin, 2001)

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