meet the mentors of the gddi project

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Meet the Mentors of the GDDI Project

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Meet the Mentors

Meet the Mentorsof the GDDI Project

Adrian PopoviciAdrian este unul din autorii jocului DesertLand 2115, disponibil pe Steam. Lucreaz intens n timpul liber la un nou proiect, Empire of the Fallen Steel, ce a fost recent greenlit pe Steam.

Adriana nceput s fie interesat de programarea jocurilor nc din 2006, pasiune pe care o continu i acum n timpul liber.

Try, fail if you must, but dont give up!

Alex BrzanuPasionat de jocuri nc de la 5 ani, am ajuns s m stabilesc pe ramura de Game Design deoarece mi-a surs gandul de a descoperi noi moduri pentru a crea experiene de neuitat pentru juctori.

Stay hungry, stay foolish!

Bogdan ApostolBogdan is Co-Founder of Marionette Studio, the first online 2D skeleton based animation tool for games. Being a software engineer and researcher in Computer Vision and Image Processing, he has always been interested in creating innovation.

Fail fast and carry on.

Bogdan OprescuIn game development for 13 years QA, Lead Designer, Producer, Head of Studio30 + titles launched on PS2, XBOX, GameCube, GBA, PS3, Wii, X360, PC, Online, iOS, Android CEO & Co-founder of Big Blue StudiosFounding member of RGDAManaging Director & Co-founder of rcp Romania

Ive made it my lifes mission to prove each day to my mom and other moms out there that making games and even playing games can earn a pretty penny.

Radu DanciuVideogame programmer with over 8 years of experience and a passion for AI, having worked on IPs in the Hitman and Tom Clancy universes. Radu is currently acting as manager and lead programmer of Sprocket, Inc. He is also Software Technical Director for Gemini CAD Systems, a company producing software and hardware solutions for flexible materials industries. Previous employers include Ubisoft, Io-Interactive

The average person has an above average number of legs.

Raluca ApostolRaluca is Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Marionette Studio, the first Online Animation Software for 2D Games.She is also a development consultant, scrum master and PhD researcher in Machine Learning Algorithms. She loves innovation and non-conventional problem solving. She thinks that everything is possible, you just need to set a goal, set some milestones and start working right away.One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out. Welcome on board!

Tiberiu GrdinariuiOS and Unity developer, virtual racing driver, football enthusiast and all round nice guy.

Creating cool stuff: check Meeting new people: check Learning new things: check Gaming: check

What could possibly go wrong?

Tudor Lefermanmi plac plimbarile lungi pe plaj, mainile scumpe i cluburile. Fan nfocat KFC, reddit, i probabil prea mult sarcasm i memes.Cteodat sunt i game developer.

Dai cu ciocanul pn merge!


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