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Similarities between the assassination of JFK and Lincoln


Profesor coordonator: Stanescu Nicoleta Elev: Teodoreanu Andra Monica Clasa: a XII-a F

Similarities Between the Assassinations of Kennedy and Lincoln

Elev: Teodoreanu Andra MonicaClasa: a XII-a F

IntroductionChapter I: Assassination of Abraham LincolnChapter II: Assassination of J.F.KennedyChapter III: Conspiracy TheoriesChapter IV: Similarities between the assassinationsChapter V: Did you know? ConclusionBibliographyContent:Assassination attempts and plots

Successful attempts

Abraham Lincoln

John Fitzgerald KennedyIntroduction

Chapter IAbraham Lincoln was shot onApril 14 1865 (Good Friday)

He was the first American president to be assassinated

John Wilkes Booth

Lincoln anticipated his assassination

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot Friday,November 22,1963

Kennedy was assassinated byLee Harvey Oswald

It was the fourth successful assassination of an American President

Chapter II

Lincoln: In 1886 an ex-priest by the name ofCharles Chiniquy wrote a book titledFifty Years in the Church of Romewhich portrayed the assassination of Lincoln as a Catholic grand conspiracy

Kennedy: The so-called umbrella man who fired a dart with a paralyzing agent from the umbrellaChapter IIIThey were both shot on Friday

They were both directly concerned with Civil Rights

They were both shot in the back of their head in the presence of their wives

Lincoln was shot in the Ford Theater and Kennedy was shot in a Lincoln made by Ford

Chapter IVBoth assassins were killed before being brought to trial

Lincolns successor was born in 1808 and Kennedys successor in 1909

Lincoln was elected President in 1860 and Kennedy in 1960 Chapter IVAbout Lincolns assassination:

John Wilkes Booth broke his leg

Lincolns only bodyguard was not at his post when the president was shot

Although he was shot in the head at point blank range, Lincoln did not die immediately

Chapter V

About Kennedys assassination:

Lee Harvey Oswald was actually arrested for fatally shooting a police officer

Killing or attempting to harm a president wasn't a federal offense until 1965, two years after Kennedy's death.Chapter V

Today, the positions and actions that made Kennedy and Lincoln controversial in their own times are chief among the reasons why they are so beloved. Lincolns vision of a singular United States is a cornerstone of modern patriotism. Slavery is universally reviled and Honest Abe is revered for ending it.Conclusion

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