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Director general

Larisa Vlad

Director comercial

Alina Boarcăș

Director economic

Mădălin Perțea

Director R.U.

Raluca Păduraru

Office ManagerAlexandru


Achiziție1.Daniela Petroșanu2.Pogan Gabriela

Contabilitate1.Elena Roșioru

2.Alex Ene

Evidență personal

Minea Cosmin

Vânzări:1.Oprea Elena

2.Maria Tincu




Marketing1.Laura Mîndruță2.Mădălina Pătrașcu

Recrutări1.Andrei Șerban

2.George Mladin

Calcul salariiPăun Elvis

Page 3: Our company New Vision
Page 4: Our company New Vision

History: The student company New Vision was established in October 2013, as a company limited by shares and it’s qualified as a cash company.The whole class participated in a brainstorming to give a good image to the company.Our main idea is to sell bio and traditional products on national market but also to export on Spain market.We consider that is a new idea and it has great chances of success.

Page 5: Our company New Vision

New Vision is a company that sells bio and traditional products and try to extend activity in Spain. New Vision is characterized by entrepreneurial spirit , a youthful atmosphere full of enthusiasm. It’s one of the companies that has a wide range of products based on natural ingredients.

Page 6: Our company New Vision

To become the leaders of the bio and traditionl food market in Romania .

To offer customers products of the best quality made from natural raw materials and have a minimal impact

on the environment.


Page 7: Our company New Vision

• Creativity• Naturalness• Simplicity• Honesty• Originality• Welfare

Page 8: Our company New Vision
Page 9: Our company New Vision

Potential Challenges regarding ethics and social responsibility

The organization's commitment to contribute to the economic development of the community and to preserve traditions

Developing activities with high impact on society The relationship between the company and its costumers,

employees, community members, investors An investment made by companies for the benefit of the

community / societyConcern for the environment in all activities of the company The integration of ethics into the strategic approach and the

current activities of the organization

Page 10: Our company New Vision