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    Study concerning the obtaiment

    of gluten-free products The team:

    Cristina CIUBOTARIU Gina DUNREANU,Anca ONCIU,Loredana SRGIE, !"orin OLENIUC

    Ad#isor:Con$%&ni#% dr% in'% ec% Adriana DABI(ALect&rer dr% in'% Ame"ia BUCULEI

    -S&cea#a )*+-

    .te$an ce" /are Uni#ersit0 o$ S&cea#a!ood En'ineerin' !ac&"t0

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    Gluten intolerance

    Gluten sensitivity or intolerance is a condition and a

    food allergy that causes a person to react after ingesting

    gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Wheat

    flour contains two major protein components called

    gliadin and glutenin and each of these proteins havedifferent attributes which ultimately give gluten its


    Both of these proteins, but especially gliadin affects the

    inner lining of the small intestine and causes a chronicdigestive disorder called celiac disease.

    Celiac disease can affect genetically predisposed

    people of all ages, but often begins in middle infancy .

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    The main signs and symptoms associated with celiac

    disease are abdominal cramps, gas and bloating! boneand joint pain! flatulence! easy bruising! depression!

    gastritis, gastrointestinal symptoms! general wea"ness!

    persistent hunger! iron deficiency anemia! malnutrition.

    The standard treatment is a complete avoidance ofgluten for life. #atients with the disease should avoid all

    products that contain gluten for the rest of their life. $f

    they would not follow a strict diet, the celiac disease may

    lead to osteoporosis, infertility, depression, vitamin B%&,', and ( deficiencies etc.

    When left untreated, celiac disease may increase the

    ris" of developing certain types of cancer.

    Gluten intolerance

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    Gluten intolerance

    #atients should be aware which foods contain gluten and

    which foods are safe. They should learn how to have a

    balanced diet despite the restrictions. )rom their diet must

    be e*cluded wheat, groats, oats, barley, rye, pasta +

    macaroni, food starch, wheat germs. )ailure to observe the diet may cause relapses. There is

    a wide range of products on the mar"et labeled gluten-free.

    The term gluten-free is generally used to indicate there is a

    harmless level of gluten rather than a total absence of it. ccording to some studies it was found that % of world

    population or % in / people suffers from gluten intolerance,

    while in 0omania &,&& of population is diagnosed, of which

    &/ are children.

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    With the increasing intolerance to gluten in our country,manufacturers from the ba"ery industry 10i2opast, 0ompan,

    3edalim 4pecial5 began to introduce all "inds of gluten-freeproducts such as

    Gluten-free pasta Gluten-free cocoa ca"e0ice flour Gluten-free coo"ies

    Gluten-free bread Gluten-free saltine crac"ers

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    The students from our )ood 6ngineering faculty also

    reali2ed some gluten-free products

    Biscuits with plums Cookies with cranberries Gluten-free muffins

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    Gluten-free biscuits with plums

    Gluten-free biscuits with plums are obtained fromgluten-free flours such as rice flour and millet flour in

    combination with dried plums and carob powder.

    The biscuits are destined for

    - people who want to have a healthy nourishment!

    - people who have gluten sensitivity!

    - people with diabetes 1with medical prescription5.

    A"" the in'redients &sed are non-a""er'ic

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    Gluten-free biscuits with plums

    Biscuits are farinaceous products obtained by ba"ing

    a dough made of millet flour, rice flour, water, butter,

    fructose, carob powder and other components that

    improve the organoleptic and physical 7ualities.

    G"&ten $ree 1isc&its with plums are a perfectdessert for all types of consumers and are part of the

    s&'ar0 1isc&its category obtained by ba"ing in twotemperature stages.

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    8 /i""et $"o&r

    9 The mi""et is a "ess a""er'eniccerea" 2hich doesn3t contains

    '"&ten and is eas0 to di'est%9 The cereal is rich in vitamin ,B,

    B&, ##, containing several minerals,

    particularly magnesium and 2inc, but

    also potassium, iron and silicon.

    9 The millet has a positive effect on

    the "idneys, gastrointestinal system

    and nervous system.

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    8 Rice $"o&rRicehas nutritive properties

    that are beneficial to our organismand is recommended for a healthy diet.

    The biological value of rice proteins is :;.

    Rice contains: vitamin B comple*, vitamin 6!

    Copper, phosphorus, potassium,


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    8 Caro1 4o2derThis powder is one of the

    best sources of vegetableprotein that has the 7uality ofbeing a non-allergenic

    product.Ra2 caro1 4o2der contains

    - Tannins rich in gallic acid!

    - $nsoluble fiber.

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    8 5"&ms'ried plums have anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic effect,containing

    - 0esveratrol!

    - =utein!

    - >itamins , C and comple* B!

    - 3inerals li"e calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium andiron!

    - 0egulates digestion by high fiber content.

    These 7ualities can only be

    found in nat&ra""0 dried 4"&ms.

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    The stages of technological process

    8 The 7ualitative and 7uantitative reception of raw and

    au*iliary materials!8 The preparation of raw and au*iliary materials!

    8 The dosing of raw and au*iliary materials!8 'ough "neading!8 'ough conditioning!8 'ough molding!

    8 The ba"ing!8 The biscuits cooling!8 The biscuits pac"aging and labeling!8 The biscuits depositing.

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    Bro2n co"o&r

    /edi&m-si6ed!"o2er sha4e

    5rod&ct characteristics

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    Or'ano"e4tic 4ro4erties

    Characteristics Conditions of admissibility

    Exterior aspect Round, clean, perfect &unburnt crust

    Profile interior aspect Well baked product, withoutflour agglomerations

    Crumb color BrownTaste & smell Pleasent, specific to the

    ingredients added, withoutstrange taste and smell.

    Gluten-free biscuits with plums

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    Energetic alue !"#,$$ kcal % #'( k)%' g product

    Nutritive values For 100 g product*arboh+drates (,#$ g

    iber -,( g

    Proteins $,( g

    /ipids '",#- g

    The ener'0 and n&triti#e #a"&e o$ '"&ten-

    $ree 1isc&its 2ith 4"&ms

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    5rod&ct "a1e"in'

    The mode" s&''ested $or the 4rod&ct: 7Bisc&its 2ith 4"&ms8 9$ace

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    5rod&ct "a1e"in'

    The mode" s&''ested $or the 4rod&ct: 7Bisc&its 2ith 4"&ms8 91ac;

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    The $ina" 4rod&ct 4ac;a'in'

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    The concerns of food industry e*perts are closely related to

    the food-health relation, and to the new nutritive

    re7uirements of consumers.

    Gluten-free biscuits with plums belong to functional foodclass with benefic effects on health, they can contribute to

    maintaining or even improving wellness. The gluten-free flours that are used in the recipe give

    dietary properties to biscuits which is why they are

    recommended in the diet of the people who suffer fromceliac disease

    The plums and carob powder addition has increased the

    nutritive proprieties of the final product, facilitating digestion

    and the body?s vital functions adjustment.


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    Than; 0o& $or 0o&r attention