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What is Miclrosoft Dynamic CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM . CRM Microsoft office outlook .

Microsoft CRM 1.0 (January 2003).Microsoft CRM 1.2 (December, 2003)Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 (December 2005)Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 (December 2007)Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011Dynamics CRM 2012

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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook software comes in two different versions:

Outlook : . : .

:Online : .On Premice : .: Partner Hosted .( )

the Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Interface

Ribbon Grid Application areas Application Navigation PaneGet Started Pane Chart

Analytics Accelerator


SalesServiceMarketingLeadsOpportunitiesAccountsSales literatureOrdersLeadsAccountsContactsMarketing listsCampaignsQuick CampaignsCaseService calendarAccountsContacts

Accounts contacts Customers Accounts Contacts Accounts Contacts . Accounts .

Evaluate the performance of individual sales representatives.

Forecast future demand


represents potential sales

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides reports, charts, and dashboards that you can use to analyze your sales information.


MarketingServiceintroductionMicrosoft Dynamic CRM


MARKETING LISTProspect CustomersMarketing list in Microsoft dynamics CRM system is a list of customers who fit with your assigned regulation and condition for your Campaign and quick Campaign to increase sales circulation

MarketingServiceintroductionMicrosoft Dynamic CRM


In the Name field, enter Illinois Contacts. In the Member Type field, chooseContact. Leave the Type field as Static.In the Name field, enter Current Illinois Contacts. In the Member Type field,choose Contact. Change the Type field to Dynamic

MarketingServiceintroductionMicrosoft Dynamic CRM



After youve defined your customer or prospect groups,you can use marketing campaigns in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to communicate witheach group and track the responses.

marketingMarketingServiceintroductionMicrosoft Dynamic CRM



A quick campaign is a simplified version of a campaign in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that allows you to distribute a single campaign activity to a group of accounts, contacts, leads, or marketing lists.

MarketingServiceintroductionMicrosoft Dynamic CRM


CAMPAIGN AND QUICK CAMPAIGNMarketingServiceintroductionMicrosoft Dynamic CRM

SalesEvaluation Campaign activity will create interaction with customers through emails, letters or phone calls. Able to check and view responses from all campaign activities that you have communicated with your customers about marketing (view campaign response) Effectiveness measurement of Campaign and Quick Campaign can be measured from : The number of new Leads that are created in the system The number of Leads that has been altered into opportunities,accounts or contacts. The number of emerging opportunities etc

Campaign Planning example :1. In the Marketing area, click Campaigns.2. Open the New Product Advertising campaign 3. In the entity navigation pane, click Planning Activities.4. On the ribbon, click the Add New Activity button, and then click Task on thesubmenu.5. In the Subject field, enter Approve Offer. In the Due field, enter a date twoweeks from today. In the Duration and Priority fields, leave the default valuesof 30 minutes and Normal selected.6. Click the Save and Close button to create the planning task.

MarketingServiceintroductionMicrosoft Dynamic CRM

SalesEvaluationAdding Planning ActivitiesFor each campaign, you can track the to-do list of activities that need to be completed to execute the campaign. These activities might include: Contacting your direct mail vendor. Creating a target list. Printing literature. Approving the offer.

after a sale is completed, your companys relationship with the customer does not end! To ensure that the customer is satisfied with the sale, customer service teams can use the informationgathered during the marketing and sales processes to manage the post-sale relationshipwith the customer.

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ServiceMarketingintroductionMicrosoft Dynamic CRM


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