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    LAW No. 218 from 17.09.2010

    ON THE PRESERVATION OF THE ARCHEOLOICAL HERITAE Published: 03.12.2020 in Official Gazette (Monitorul Oficial/Official Gazette) No. 23!

    2"0# $rt. No. %3&

    'nter in force: 03.03.3011

    he archaeoloical heritae is an essential ele*ent +hich defines the oldness and

    oriinalit, of culture# histor, and traditions of e-er, nation# state or cultural sace in relation to

    other nations# states or ethno!cultural saces. '-er, nation has the obliation to reser-e its

    cultural oods and to -alorize it for the benefit of the entire hu*anit,.

    he archaeoloical heritae of the eublic of Moldo-a  an essential art of the national

    cultural heritae# subect to a serious ris of deradation caused b, the intensification of i*le*entation of *aor roects for co*le lannin# ne+ constructions and soil eloitation

    and b, the natural riss# illeal eca-ations or insufficient ublic infor*ation  needs to be

     rotected# b, interatin oranicall, the rotection of the archaeoloical heritae olitics into the

     olicies for culture# education# en-iron*ent# urban de-elo*ent and territorial lannin#

    ad*inistration of far*in terrains# soils and +oods.

    4a-in the ai* to ensure a coherent leal fra*e+or for the rotection and safeuard of 

    the national archaeoloical heritae# adusted to the ro-isions of 5N'67O and 7ouncil of 

    'uroe8s con-entions and reco**endations reardin this i*ortant field# to +hich the

    eublic of Moldo-a is art#

    he Parlia*ent adots the resent oranic la+


    Ar$&'(% 1. he obect of the resent la+

    he resent la+ reulates the eneral leal rei*e of archeoloical disco-eries and

    research# as +ell as the rotection of the archeoloical heritae# +hich reresents a basic

    co*onent of the national cultural heritae.

    Ar$&'(% 2. 9asic notions 

    $ccordin to the *eanin of the resent la+:

    a)  Archeological heritage is the totalit, of *aterial oods e*ered as a result of ast hu*an

    acti-it,# reser-ed in natural conditions abo-e and under the soil# under+ater# under the for*

    of archaeoloical sites (settle*ents# necroolises# isolated burials# tu*uli# fortresses#

    +allu*s# constructions# churches# buildins# d+ellins annees) or *obile oods (obects or 

    their fra*ents) +hich for identification and stud, need the alication of archeoloical


     b) General legal regime of the archeological discoveries and research is the totalit, of the

    scholarl,# leal# ad*inistrati-e# financial and technical *easures *eant to secure the

     rosectin# identification# unearthin# in-entor,# conser-ation# restoration# uardin#

    *aintenance and ublic disla, of the archeoloical *aterials. his definition also alies to

    the sites on +hich the latter are disco-ered. hese *aterials are to be researched or classifiedas cultural *obile oods or historical *onu*ents# as the case *a, be.


  • 8/15/2019 Legea Patrimoniu Arheologic


    c)  Protection of archaeological heritage is a the totalit, of leal and ad*inistrati-e *easures

    +ith restricti-e and uniti-e character# +ith the ai* to hihliht# conser-e# reser-e and

    restore the archaeoloical heritae

    d)  Archeological research is the totalit, of *easures of a scholarl, and technical character 

    *eant to secure the rosectin# identification# disco-er, throuh archeoloical eca-ations

    or unearthin throuh other *ethods# in-estiation# collectin# reistration and scholarl,

     resentation of the archeoloical heritae (includin throuh secialized ublications). e)  Archeological periegesis is a round!le-el or under+ater archeoloical in-estiation +ith an

    elicit ai* to identif, ne+ archeoloical -esties or to clarif, the state of re-iousl, no+n

    archeoloical sites

    f)  Preventive archeological research is an in-estiation +ith an elicit ai* to stud, the

    archeoloical sites (-esties) +hich are or *a, be directl, affected  b, hu*an or natural

    factors# here included:

    ! $rchitectural desin +ors# construction of ne+ buildins# the *odification# etension

    or o-erhaulin of the +a,s of co**unication or of technical urban infrastructure#

    includin underround or under+ater facilities eca-ations ;uarr, +orins

    construction of *aor thorouhfare net+ors and co**unication net+ors the

    install*ent of rela,s and < antennae land sur-e,s and arrane*ents eoloical research and rosectin of the concerned sites (drillins and eca-ations) necessar, in

    order to carr, out eo!technical studies the install*ent of ballast!its# as +ell as of as

    and oil +ells all other oerations that *iht affect the soil at the surface le-el and at the

    deeer le-els# either underround or at the botto* of runnin or stanant +ater reser-oirs.

    his ro-ision alies reardless of the cateor, of the concerned site (either +ithin or 

    outside the cit, area) and reardless of the site8s for* of roert,.

    ! =ors of restoration# artial or total reconstruction of historical *onu*ents

    ! >andslides# all for*s of soil erosion etc.

    )  Supervisory archeological research is an in-estiation +ith an elicit ai* of *onitorin

    and oranizin urent archeoloical inter-entions in the case of archeoloical sites situated in

    areas +ith onoin buildin acti-it,# territorial arrane*ents and infrastructure buildin# as

    +ell as in areas includin architectural *o*ents in rocess of restoration or reconstruction.

    h)  Systematic archeological research is a lon!ter* archeoloical in-estiation# carried out

    +ithin a i-en site on the basis of a *ulti!annual scholarl, rora*

    i)  Rescue archaeological investigation is a research undertaen under the *ar urent +ith the

    ai* to sa-e the archaeoloical sites under the ris of bein destructed b, hu*an or natural


     )  Archaeological expertise is a scientific e-aluation of the archaeoloical otential of the

    terrains and the *obile oods +ith the ai* to *oti-ate the roosals reardin their 

     rotection and research and# uon case# inclusion in the econo*ical circuit.

    )  An archeological discovery is the identification# throuh archeoloical eca-ations# of therele-ant -esties# obects and traces belonin to ast eochs and etinct ci-ilizations

    l)  An occasional archeological discovery is hereb, defined as the unco-erin of *aterials

     belonin to the archeoloical heritae as a conse;uence of the i*act of natural factors or 

    hu*an actions# other than those ertainin to secialized archeoloical research

    *)  An archeological treasure is an obect or a totalit, of *obile oods of a articular artistic

    and / or docu*entar, -alue hidden or buried in the ast# ro-ided that the o+ner of these

    obects cannot be identified or had re-iousl, been leall, deri-ed of or lost his for*er 

     roert, rihts. his ro-ision alies reardless of the fact +hether the archeoloical

    disco-er, +as occasional or too lace as a result of certain secial archeoloical or udicial


    n)  A zone with archaeological potential  is a site# +ithin +hich the eistence of archaeoloical *aterials is scientificall, docu*ented or is susected to be resent based uon indirect data.


  • 8/15/2019 Legea Patrimoniu Arheologic


    o)  A zone with well-known and researched archeological heritage is hereb, defined as a site

    +here# as a result of archeoloical research# oods included in the cateor, defined abo-e#

    under the letter b) of this act# ha-e been disco-ered

     )  A zone with occasionally uncovered archeological heritage is a site# +ithin +hich the

    eistence of *aterials included in the archeoloical heritae has been uneectedl,

    unco-ered# as a conse;uence of hu*an actions# other than those related to confir*ed

    archeoloical research# here included: construction +ors# eoloical in-estiations# includin re*ote detection# aricultural +ors# as +ell as other t,es of oerations and

    in-estiations that ha-e been carried out underround or under+ater or as a conse;uence of 

    natural factors# a*on others: earth;uaes# landslides# floods# soil erosion and other si*ilar 

     heno*ena# and +hich re;uire a s,ste*atic archeoloical research that +ould result in the

    reistration and scholarl, anal,sis of these *aterials

    ;)  An archeological site declared a zone of national interest is hereb, defined as an area of