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  • 8/3/2019 George Enescu (in Engleza)


  • 8/3/2019 George Enescu (in Engleza)


    George Enesco was born on

    19 August 1881 Liveni village,

    Botosani county and died on 4

    May 1955 in Paris.

    He was a great composer,

    violinist, teacher, pianist and

    conductor. It is considered the

    most important Romanian


  • 8/3/2019 George Enescu (in Engleza)


    He began playing the violin at age 4 to age5 is in its first concert and begins compositionstudies under the direction of Eduard Caudella.First received musical guidance from his

    parents and from a famous musician, NicholasBosseyed.

    "I, if I remember correctly, a child hardworkingand conscientious even pretty. Four years knowhow to read, write, pick and drop. It was not my

    merit, for I loved teaching and had lots of closegames , especially those brutal, I found themuseless, given that they lose sense of time, ranthe noise and vulgarity, and more than anything Ifelt a kind of innate fear in the face of life. weird

    kid, right? "- (Bernard Gavoty - Memories ofGeorge Enesco)

  • 8/3/2019 George Enescu (in Engleza)


    In 1888 starts Enesco studied at the

    Vienna Conservatory. Beginning in

    1889(one thousand eight hundred and

    eighty-nine) will live to his teacher,Josef Hellmesberger junior. (concert mas

    ter of the Vienna Philharmonic).

    Study with Hellmesberger (violin),

    Robert Fuchs (harmony) and Johann

    Nepomuk Fuchs (counterpoint).

    In 1893 finishes his studies at theVienna Conservatory gold medal. Thefirst public appearance at theBsendorfer Hall of Sarasate's Faust

    Fantasy and ViolinConcerto MusikvereinssaalMendelssohn.

    In 1899 and ends his violinstudies at the Conservatoryof Paris, obtaining first prize

    again, this time offering him aviolin Bernardel.

  • 8/3/2019 George Enescu (in Engleza)


    In 1914 conducts Enesco

    Sinfoniei full premiere of

    Beethoven's Ninth at the

    Athenaeum in Bucharest in

    Romania. It is already one of themost famous European


    In 1916 Enesco is elected

    honorary member of the

    Romanian Academy.

    In 1929 is elected

    corresponded Enesco Academy of

    Arts of Intitutului Belle France.

    In 1939 Enesco Mary

    married in BucharestCantacuzino-Rosetti.

    In 1946 Enesco leave Romania

    for a tour in the United

    States. Upon his return to Europedecide to settle in Paris.

  • 8/3/2019 George Enescu (in Engleza)


    In 1948 George Enesco teachesat Mannes School of Music in New


    In 1951 in the broadcasts for

    Radio Bernard Gavoty French

    journalist Enesco granted a series of

    talks. Enesco will review later, allowi

    ng him to publish his Gavotyin book

    form under the title Memoirs of

    George Enesco.

  • 8/3/2019 George Enescu (in Engleza)


    George Enesco died in Paris on

    the night of March to May 4, 1955.

    He was buried in Pere-Lachaise

    cemetery, the capital of

    France. The tomb or

    gravestone is mounted a

    slab, which bears the following

    inscription, 'George Enesco,composer, member of the

    Institute(France), Commander of the

    Legion of Honor. 1881 to 1955. "

  • 8/3/2019 George Enescu (in Engleza)


    In Bucharest there is a National

    Museum "George Enesco" (in Cantacuzino

    Palace on Calea Victoriei, where they lived

    Maruca and Enesco).

    Next to the mansion is Moineti Tescani,

    his wife donated Enesco Romanian state

    provided it here to build a culturalcenter for artists.

    The house is Liveni who grew composer.

  • 8/3/2019 George Enescu (in Engleza)